Affordable Home Additions

Sometimes expanding a bedroom or living room is all a house needs to reach the next level of comfort, usability and value. But, what kind of additions are affordable? And which ones give you the most bang for the buck?

Activity rooms. When space is available and a family can agree on a specific use, converting a bedroom into an activity room might be a great option. Full of kids during the busy hours of the day, it can then become a place for relaxing, reading or listening to music – a peaceful haven in the evening for adults. The bonus: such dedicated activity rooms can improve your child’s learning skills.

Sunrooms. If you want to bring the outdoors inside, a sunroom is a great way to do it. With large windows and skylights, sunrooms in Elmsford NY provide bright light and fresh air year-round and allow plants to thrive off the natural light. To make it even more enjoyable for family members of all ages, add a fireplace so it’s cozy to use in the dark days of winter.

Garage Repurpose. One of the most affordable additions is to convert a garage into additional living space. For cost-effectiveness, the best use might be an exercise room or even a bedroom.  Sure, you’ll have to give up your garage for the privilege. But if it’s a two-car garage that sits empty most of the time – or if it’s not attached to your home, so you don’t even need access from inside – this is an affordable option with few compromises.

Bump-Out Bedroom. One way to add much needed space to a house without adding an entire new wing is to put on an addition that adds space at the end of a long room. This technique works well with both single-story and multistoried houses, and can create a cozy bedroom bumped out from the existing kitchen, family or living room.

sunrooms in Elmsford NY

These four are just a few of the good ideas out there. Check with your local home improvement center for more ideas, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open and checkout what other homeowners have done.

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